It’s the weekend! You ought to be out and about, yet here you are typing away at your laptop like there’s no tomorrow...

We get it. Work is pretty important. It pays the bills.

However, more and more people are putting work at the top of their priority list, often at the expense of the essentials like resting, spending time with family or being creative and doing the things they love.

While there’s nothing wrong with putting in long hours occasionally (especially when trying to meet an important deadline), doing so on a regular basis can have a negative impact, not just on you, but on your loved ones too.

So how does one achieve a sustainable self-care practice?

Author of the 'Self Care-Wheel', Olga Phoenix offers up 80 self-care exercises and healing modalities, as a great beginning for developing your own personalised, preventative, and sustainable self-care plan. 

You can start your journey toward better self-care by downloading this FREE Self-Care Wheel from Olga Phoenix's website:

Self-Care Wheel by Olga Phoenix 

Image Source: Olga Phoenix



Need more convincing? No? Good.

By adding some of these self-care strategies to your daily routine, you’ll be on your way to striking a healthy balance between work and life in no time. You might even surprise yourself and discover that you've already been practicing self-care and didn't realise it for what it was. 

With this helpful tool you can practice self-care mindfully and intentionally.

With love and kindness,

<3 Mel

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