We provide a variety of beautifully crafted and carefully curated products to support you on your well-being journey.

Melinda Stacey Designs delivers the ideal catalyst to remind you just how important you are – tasteful and stunning one-of-a-kind jewellery.


We source expertly crafted, handmade and artisan jewellery pieces from all over the world to satisfy and express your individual taste and style.

We offer gorgeous snap buttons and customisable snap button jewellery, in multiple styles and colours so you can always look good.

Our wide range of easily interchangeable jewellery pieces and handcrafted artisan jewellery can support you to set daily intentions toward developing a powerful, regular and manageable self-care practice.

With a wide selection of snap button charms featuring a large array of symbols, animals, words, art, natural gemstones and oil diffusers, you can definitely find the perfect combination to lift your spirits.

They provide the perfect tool for expressing and influencing your changing moods.


Each thoughtful message, written on recycled paper, can help to empower you with positivity, curiosity and confidence as you go about your day.

Tuck your daily affirmations inside our beautiful fabric affirmation cookies for a modern take on the fortune cookie.

They are delightfully sweet and made by using up small fabric remnants to prevent them from ending up in landfill.

These fabric affirmation cookies are best stored in a recycled jar and can be used to start your day with a little positive inspiration.

Combine this with putting on your snap button jewellery at the start of the day, to set daily intentions that you can feel good about.


We know how hard it is to change your habits. While you may want to do something to care for the planet, it’s often difficult to know where to start, or how?

We provide you with a range of eco-friendly and fair trade products, to help you to do good and reduce your impact on the environment each and every day.

Our eco-conscious designs and product collections help you to be the good you want to see in the world.

We hope you will love our products as much as we love sourcing and making them especially for you.