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18mm Photo Locket Snap Button Pendant


The perfect place to keep your most precious memories close to your heart. Add your favourite gemstone with one of the included affirmations to keep all your meaningful treasures together.

Need help adding a photo to your locket? Add customisation to your order and we'll resize, print and fit your photo for you.

Made to fit our growing range of 18mm interchangeable snap buttons.

  • 45mm stainless steel pendant fits an 18mm snap button and a 30mm photo/affirmation
  • includes 80cm chain and 3x printed affirmations
  • our interchangeable snap buttons, customisable jewellery and accessories are sold separately so you can ‘choose yourself’

A larger version of our petite snap button range, our 18mm original snap button jewellery and accessories fit our 18mm original snap buttons.

Simply match the size to find your perfect fit.


'choose yourself' is more than just a clever tagline...

Here at Melinda Stacey Designs we are curating and crafting our own range of customisable and interchangeable snap button jewellery that supports and promotes better self-care.
We‘re here to support you to look good, feel good, do good and be the good you want to see in the world, because we must each take care of ourselves as individuals before we can have a meaningful positive impact on each other and the planet. 
Our aim is to be completely transparent about what our products are and where our products come from. That's why we have developed our own mark, to help our customers identify which of our products are handcrafted by us here in Australia, imported from overseas, sourced locally or upcycled from recycled materials.
Whether goods are imported from overseas, sourced and crafted locally or rescued from landfill doesn't mean that one way is definitively better than the other. These are all legitimate ways and means when it comes to the manufacturing process. But the choices we make as consumers do have an impact on our planet. So, wouldn't it be good to know?
Not only does this put the power to make an informed choice with you, the consumer, but it also allows us as a brand to measure the impact we are having on the planet and take responsibility for educating ourselves and our customers accordingly.
The choice is, has and always will be yours... That's why we want you to ‘choose yourself’.
So look for these symbols when shopping with us. 

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